Petland Cares

We offer Vet Care Too!

Our puppies have been checked out by a licensed veterinarian (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) before they are sold. All of our puppies are on a regular preventative schedule from the breeder and then to us. This includes vaccinations against canine distemper, parainfluenza, canine parvo, bordetella (kennel cough) and de-worming. All of our puppies have been treated for Coccidiossis. We recommend taking the puppy to our contracted veterinarian to be treated within the first 4 days of purchase and they will give you the medication and bill us later for it. Please make sure to speak to your veterinarian to continue an immunization and de-worming schedule.
We are devoted to increasing the quality of life and health of puppies. We maintain very strict Animal Welfare Best Practice Standards pertaining to the procedures in the handling and caring of our gorgeous puppies.